Hot new branded products on the market

Branded promotional products have replaced the traditional marketing tools by a mile, and businesses are making continuous efforts to integrate more promotional products to their strategy. While, it has been reported that the reign of logoed mugs, t-shirts, and pens have died down extensively—the promotional products strategists are introducing new hot promotional products on the market—few of which include the following:

Cotton pocket sports pack:

The cotton pocket sports pack comes with a large space that helps with accommodating your logo. It also features a colour-trimmed slip pocket and wide flat cotton straps, which make the bag easy and accessible to carry. The hot product makes an excellent introductory branded product to appease your audience, and it helps with increasing your brand awareness and brand recognition like no other product on the market.

Half frame sunglasses:

The half frame sunglasses make excellent sunglasses, and it comes with a split frame and tinted lenses with an enhanced UV400 protection. These trendy glasses make an excellent investment as a branded product, and you would be surprised by how many customers/recipients of the product would be interested in flaunting the product on a beach or sunny day. Trust your instincts, and add half frame sunglasses into your considerations for the branded promotional products for your business.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Straw Kit

The stainless steel straw are becoming a biodegradable alternative to plastic straws, and they are heavily preferred by eco-conscious customers. If your market research indicates that nearly 30% of the participants preferred eco-friendly and biodegradable items then, investing in branded and logoed collapsible stainless steel straw kit would make an excellent solution for your business. If the recipients of the customers notice the initiative taken by your brand, they would be inclined to support and promote your brand, and eventually make a purchase from you.